WWHAG was founded by Jassy Watson in late 2015. Jassy had a dream to bring together a community group of women painters who employ their creative gifts as a powerful medium for transformation and healing. She felt that artists working in this capacity were often not seen as ‘real’ artists and further, were not recognised in traditional arts arenas.  Jassy believes that all artists and those interested in the arts have the right to be acknowledged and supported no matter what kind of training, level of skill or category that they work within. The benefits of creativity in all its forms is well documented and through personal experience and working with many women and girls not only in her Innes Park studio, but with women from all over the world, Jassy recognised  a need to create a larger container or space for creative women to  share, learn, gather and create so that the  Wide-Bay community had greater access to creative resources.   After months of dreaming, visioning and planting seeds, WWHAG was born.

The inaugural Circle took place in April 2016 at the gorgeous and eclectic Oodies Cafe and the first council was announced. You can meet the core Circle over HERE.


Who are we?

We are a professional guild of diverse women creatives from the Wide Bay region who believe in the transformational and healing power of art. We recognise that art is a journey of self-discovery and growth and are committed to providing space for women to gather share and learn in a creative capacity.

WWHAG as a non-for-profit organisation (unincorporated association) is a circle of creative women coming together to form friendships and connections with the vision of building a strong alternative arts community for women. in the Wide Bay Region. We also recognise a need in our community for more access to creative resources thus our intention is to provide a creative service to not only our membership, but to the community at large through public projects.

WWHAG invites membership participation in social painting days, sponsored professional workshops, exhibitions and community arts projects.

Our Vision:

To provide a supportive social space for women painters of any medium and skill level from the Wide Bay Region who believe in the transformational and healing power of art. WWHAG provides opportunities to create, connect, share, learn and participate within a growing tribe of creative women.

Our Core Values Are: SCENIC BIRDS

Support                                          Belonging

Community                                   Integrity

Encouragement                           Respect

Non-judgement                           Diversity

Inclusion                                         Service



You can download the full PDF version of our core values here:



As a member you will receive:

  •  A seasonal newsletter with all you need to know about upcoming events, social days, meetings, sponsored workshops and creative tips.
  • The opportunity to participate in 1-3 professional workshops per year that are sponsored by the guild. (Depends on funding as to how many are offered).
  • Invitations to bi-monthly themed social painting ‘Paint Where You’re At’ days to be held at various locations in the Wide Bay Region.
  • Opportunity to showcase your work in an annual member exhibition.
  • Opportunity to participate in community arts projects.

 To become a member:

Fill out and return the membership form with the annual membership fee which is payable pro rata, depending on the time of year you sign up.

July 1st-Sept 30th – $35

Oct1st-Dec 31st – $30

Jan 1st – March 31st – $25

April 1st-June30 – $20

 Approval is based on the following requirements:

  •  You are an artist or keenly interested in art and recognise that art is a powerful medium for healing and transformation.
  • A woman and a painter in any medium and of any skill level residing in the Wide Bay region.

Our vision is to grow and evolve this community group so that we can become a legalised non-for profit incorporated association which will then allow us to apply for arts grants, exhibit with limited costs and to take advantage of the many other benefits that come with this.

If you think WWHHAG is for you download the application here:

17 18 Member Application Form 1 WWHAG

and return by email to: wwhag@yahoo.com.au

or return by post to: 11 Nautilus Drive, Innes Park QLD 4670


We look forward to welcoming you!


matisse dancing women




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