Meet the Core Circle


Jassy Watson

Chairperson & Founder

I am a mother to four gorgeous souls, passionate organic gardener, formally trained Contemporary Artist and Intentional Creativity Coach.  As the Creatress of ‘Earth Circle Studios’; a small school for the Sacred Creative Arts with studios at Innes Park and Inner city Melbourne I teach regular painting workshops in person, nationally, internationally, and online based around themes that explore myth, history, and our connection to the earth and self. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of image and know through experience that art is a powerful medium to assist with healing, transformation and personal growth.



Helen Ross

Secretary & Events Co-Ordinator

Hi I’m Helen and I’ve been participating in creative pursuits of all different types for most of my life with my current obsession being art journaling and mixed media. I believe art is for everyone and we can all tap into our creativity if we want to. You just need an open heart, a little encouragement and some guidance, which you can get from a teacher, a book, an on-line class or our friends. I own and run ‘Lorna Blue Studio’ where my passion for mixed media and journalling  has now extended to running local workshops.


Leah Drabsch

Events Co-Ordinator

I’m a FIFO wife, my MOTH (Man of the house) works in China so I enjoy spending my time travelling between China and Bundaberg. My family is my world and I enjoy spending time with my beautiful children and grandchildren. After a 6 year battle with Breast Cancer I have found Art to be the most therapeutic healing remedy I have tried (believe me I tried a few). I am so blessed to be a Domestic Goddess except these days there is little ‘domestic work’ with my inner Goddess eager to express my creativity.


Charlene Simpson

Membership & Communications Officer 

I am a Registered Nurse/ Newly graduated Midwife, NLP Lifestyle Support Coach, Mother of One and soon to be Grandmother. I have discovered a deep love for art and look forward to exploring my creative self with likeminded women.

Life motto: what’s for you never goes by you.


Janette Schulz

Book Keeper & Communications Officer

I have worked in the retail industry in various Managerial and Training Roles for many years.  I am a Rei-ki Channel and Nutripuncturist in Training and feel very blessed to live on a beautiful peace of Earth outside of Bundaberg. My art enthusiasm started about 6 years ago and is ongoing. There is so much to learn but I believe (actually I know) that we all have artistic talents. It’s about allowing your creative side to unfold and enjoying the journey you are creating for yourself.